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TRADING ASSISTANT DINGUE is the main feature and it's available in all our packages. Now at version-5.5, it's more complete and powerful than ever! Using 15 technical indicators, it analyzes price data and generates trading Signals to help investors make informed trading decisions, potentially maximizing returns and minimizing losses. Included are also other trading tools like targets, trailing stops, and our 'Safe Trades' option to align with market trends. Additionally, investors can plot multiple indicators on the screen to gain a better view of market conditions. Whether you choose our Basic, Advanced, Premium, or Business package, Our Trading Assistant DINGUE is an essential tool for ANY investor seeking to unleash their true trading potential.


This feature is available in the Advanced, Premium, and Business packages, providing investors with ALERTS on Daily, Weekly, or Monthly timeframes. The ALERTS can be set up to notify the investor when a particular stock reaches a certain price level or when a trading SIGNAL is generated. This feature is particularly useful for investors who cannot monitor the market continuously and want to be alerted when a particular event occurs.


Offered only for our Premium and Business packages. Back-Testing allows investors to analyze historical data and test their trading strategies to determine how they would have performed in the past. By fine-tuning their strategies, investors can optimize their results and increase their confidence trading. This feature is particularly beneficial for investors who are looking to create custom strategies or to optimize for a specific stock.


This feature is only available with the Business package. intra-Day Alerts provide investors with notifications when a particular stock reaches a specific price level or when a SIGNAL is generated within ANY Timeframe. intra-Day Alerts are particularly useful for day traders who need to monitor the market closely throughout the trading day. It is the perfect choice for staying on top of market developments in real-time or to automate your strategy.


Our Business package offers a unique feature that provides investors with access to personalized risk management options. Investors can automate their strategies using their own risk management rules. The indicator will select the correct position size to ensure that your strategy is fully automated, taking into account your unique risk profile. This feature is particularly important for serious investors who want to minimize the risk of ruin.